Daniel Kuhnley | The Song Lyric Archives #1: Today
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The Song Lyric Archives #1: Today

Back in high school I had a dream to be the frontman of a band. We were going to call ourselves Torment, and I wrote many song lyrics for the band. Today, I’m bringing you the first of many of those song lyrics. I really hope you enjoy them as they give you a peak into the twisted mind of this writer.



Suicide Weighs heavy on my mind Wondering Should I take my life

Nothing in this world Seems worth living for Everywhere I go I’ve been there before

Wasting time All the wasted years Thinking of it all Brings me to tears

What have I done Nothing for me to show Before I go There’s something you should know


I loved you YOU HATED ME I’d die for you YOU GIVE NO SYMPATHY

What did I ever do TO DRIVE YOU AWAY Just tell me we’re through END MY LIFE TODAY


Sitting all alone In the middle of the night The barrel of my gun Gleaming in the moonlight

I lift my head Up toward the sky As I prepare Myself to die

I try and clear My aching head Thoughts cease to be Am I already dead

I pinch myself Just to see Am I gone Or is it still me


I loved you WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME I’d die for you WHY CAN’T YOU SEE

What did I ever do TO MAKE YOU GO AWAY I’ll take my life for you IF YOU’LL COME BACK TODAY


Death it seems Is so mysterious You and I What went wrong with us

Still sitting here Still want to die You left me here Didn’t even say goodbye

You smashed my heart You killed my pride All that’s left for me Suicide

The only choice To be by your side I was already dead The day you died

©2017 Drezhn Publishing LLC – all rights reserved

Daniel Kuhnley
  • Colleen Golafshan
    Posted at 05:48h, 28 April Reply

    Hi Daniel

    This is my first visit to your site, and I first read this well-written yet intense and troubling piece about suicide. As one who has faced family suicidal tendencies over two generations, I’m interested in what’s prompted your writing of such a dark piece. Firstly I’m concerned, are you ok personally and emotionally? With such a well put together site, I assume you are doing ok at the moment. I am praying for you now – let me know if there is any more I can do. Is this piece related to some of your stories? God bless you abundantly, Colleen

    • Daniel Kuhnley
      Posted at 07:26h, 28 April Reply

      Hi Colleen,

      First of all, thank you for the comments. Suicide is a struggle for many people, but especially teens.

      I wrote the song about 25 years ago as an exploration of the devastation of losing someone you care deeply for. The real point of the song, for me, was the thought that continuing to live after such a loss was nearly unbearable. So, the suicidal thoughts represented more of a desire to purge the pain than to take one’s own life.

      Again, thank you for reading this and for your comments.


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