Conqueror News Volume 2

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Volume 2 – 2018.01.23

Hail Conquerors!

Just wanted to let you in on a few details about the release of Dark Lament. The eBook version is available for pre-order now through Amazon. Click here to get it now.

The paperback version will be available through Amazon on January 30th. If you purchase the paperback version, you’ll be able to get the Kindle version for $1.99.

Starting Friday, I’ll be taking orders for a signed hardback version on my website. For a limited time if you purchase the hardback version, you can choose to get a FREE eBook version with it. Not only will you get the free eBook, but you’ll be able to download and read it before it’s out! This step is not automatic, so I will be processing the orders as quickly as I can to get the download link to you.

Remember, book reviews are important to indie authors like me. Please leave reviews wherever you purchase the book. If you purchase it from me you can leave a Goodreads Review.

Thank you so much!

Daniel Kuhnley