Conqueror News Volume 6

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Volume 6 – 2018.06.26

Conquerors and friends,

Next week (July 3rd) I will be releasing Reborn, Book #2 in The Dark Heart Chronicles. If you enjoyed the first book, you’ll love this one!

I will be having a sale on the eBook (Kindle) versions of Dark Lament and Reborn from July 3rd – July 6th. Dark Lament will be FREE and Reborn will be $4.99.

Get Dark Lament on eBook. (Wait until July 3rd if you want it FREE!)
Pre-order Reborn on eBook.

Even if you bought a hardback from me of Dark Lament, please go to Amazon and “buy” the FREE Kindle version of it as well and leave a review of the book. Reviews are just as important as sales, and, for an Indie author like me, they are crucial in getting more people to take a chance on my books.

So, please please please get it and review it. And be honest in your review. Even bad reviews are sometimes better than no reviews at all.

For anyone looking to get a hardback version of Reborn, it won’t be on sale until at least July 10th due to order processing and shipping time from the printer. Also, I will be doing the hardback sales differently. You’ll still get a free Kindle version of the book with hardback purchase, but I’ll require that you use the link I will send you to get it from Amazon before I deliver the hardback. Doing it this way will allow me to get verified purchases through Amazon so that you’ll be able to review Reborn once you’ve read it.

Also, if you’ve only read part of the book, you can still leave a review based on what you’ve read.

Thank you all so much for your support, and I can’t wait to hear what you all think of the new book!


Paperback book cover art for Daniel Kuhnley's fantasy novel Reborn - features a dragon face with red, evil eyes
Paperback book cover art for Daniel Kuhnley's fantasy novel Dark Lament - features a man with a sword pushing doors made of human skulls.

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