Conqueror News Volume 9

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Volume 9 – 2018.12.04

Greetings Conqueror!

The Past and Future
Wow, this year has flown by! As I get older time seems to move faster. I launched my first novel, Dark Lament, in late January 2018 and then its sequel, Reborn, in July 2018. Now, I’m prepping my new novel, The Braille Killer, for a late January 2019 release (fingers crossed!).

I’m proud of my first two novels, but The Braille Killer holds a special place in my heart. The story takes place in our world and blends crime suspense, paranormal, and urban fantasy elements into a unique tale. It’s centered around a homicide detective named Alice Bergman. And, if you’ve read my first two books, you might find some Easter eggs sprinkled throughout as well. 😉

Thank you so much for your support over this past year! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Daniel Kuhnley

Writing Update

As you know, my goal for November was to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), but The Braille Killer edits took precedence and I only got one full day of writing in on Rended Souls (Book #3 in The Dark Heart Chronicles series). So, I’ve teamed up with fellow author, Joshua C. Chadd, to do it this month instead. My goal is 50,000 new words for the month of December. I’ll be sharing my writing progress weekly, so follow along on Facebook and Twitter.

Audio book cover art for Daniel Kuhnley's fantasy novel Reborn - features a dragon face with red, evil eyes

Reborn on Audible coming soon!

That’s right! Reborn will finally be available on Audible soon. I’m hoping for a December launch, but don’t be surprised if it slips into early January. I’ll let you know when it’s out, and you can always find the latest information at

Book Review – Outbreak

I recently finished reading Outbreak by Joshua C. Chadd. It’s the first book in his zombie apocalypse series The Brother’s Creed. I met Josh at a Realm Makers writing conference in July and we quickly became friends. Because of our connection and the fact that I love The Walking Dead I decided to give it a read. Check out my full review on Amazon.

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