Daniel Kuhnley | The Dark Heart Chronicles Collection
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The Dark Heart Chronicles Collection 1

The Dark Heart Chronicles Books 1 & 2

A murdered family. A stone of resurrection. A father who won’t give up.
Nardus perseveres through despair. His family’s murder drags him down, and it’s his fault. When a stranger enters his life holding secrets of resurrection, his hope rekindles. But there’s a price. He must overcome herculean trials to retrieve a stone from a dangerous world conjured by ancient magic. And no one has ever survived.
Alderan, nearly 16, doesn’t believe in himself. He relies on his twin sister Aria and their special bond. When that bond is severed, he fears what it means. He must run home, but instead he’s thrust into peril. Nightmarish beasts hunt him.
Aria is a warrior. When her village is attacked she can’t stand by and watch. Captured and thrust into a dungeon she must fight to survive.
Start reading The Dark Heart Chronicles series, an epic dark fantasy series akin to Odysseus in Middle Earth, with this convenient starter collection. This collection contains the first two books in The Dark Heart Chronicles series – Dark Lament & Reborn. If you like character driven stories full of action-adventure, gore, a sense of dread and horror, and a bit of romance, then you’ll love this series.
Buy this book and start your epic quest today!

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