The Braille Killer

An Alice Bergman Novel Book One

He preys on blind girls…
…a psychotic killer on the hunt.
So why is he after Alice?
Alice Bergman is the youngest homicide detective on the police force. Her infallible intuition helps her separate truth from lies. But she hides from a dark past, and the killer knows her secret.
The private letters he sends her prove it.
Letters written in Braille.
They drive her to the edge of sanity. Threaten to take away the sight she’s grown to rely on. But he’s offered her a way out. Will he stop killing if she comes clean? If her secret gets revealed, she’ll never recover. It would cost her everything.
Can she stop him before he murders again?
Will she silence him before her secret is revealed?
With lives on the line, she has no choice but to play his game. Do the letters hold the clues? She must overcome her fear to see through the eyes of the blind.
You’ll love this supernatural serial killer thriller, because everyone enjoys a fast-paced, chilling story with a twist beyond this world.
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