The Dragon’s Stone

Book 1 of the Dark Heart Chronicles

Magic. Murder. Resurrection has a high price…
Nardus has himself to blame for the brutal end of his wife and children. When he learns of a powerful stone that could bring them back from the dead, he ignores the cost. To get his old life back, Nardus must slay otherworldly creatures in a magical trial that no man has ever survived…
Imbued with a unique bond, twins Alderan and Aria have never left each other’s side. But when a ruthless attack severs their connection, the warrior Aria must endure a cruel prison while her timid brother must cross a kingdom to save her. Struggling to survive, the twins’ magic blooms within them… as a sinister gnoll hunts down their incredible powers.
As their paths all converge, Nardus’s determination and the twins’ abilities may not be enough to avert a catastrophe.
The Dragon’s Stone is the first book in The Dark Heart Chronicles dark fantasy series. If you like vivid new worlds, action-packed adventures, and courageous characters, then you’ll love Daniel Kuhnley’s ominously imaginative novel.
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