The Night Mauler

An Alice Bergman Novel Book Two

A read-it-with-the-lights-on thriller about a frightening creature that lurks in the night.
A beast prowls the night, mauling, but not devouring its victims. I’m Detective Alice Bergman, and it’s my job to hunt it down.
Everyone thinks a vicious animal is on the loose, even me. But there’s just one problem: the DNA results indicate it’s human. I know I can determine the truth; I just need access to the body. A single touch, and I’ll see the crime scene in my “special” way.
But the dead body is missing. Why would someone steal it from the morgue? The department has chalked it up to a government cover up, but I’m not so sure. It reeks of conspiracy. Of Shadow Priests.
After all, they’ve hunted my kind before. Could the beast on the loose be like me? When I track it down, will I find something to catch or save? The truth lies within my grasp, but I fear learning it will make me the Night Mauler’s next target…
The Night Mauler is the second book in the Alice Bergman mystery thriller series. If you like fast-paced, suspenseful stories with a touch of fantasy, then you’ll love Daniel Kuhnley’s chilling novel.
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