Dark Lament (Signed Paperback)


Magic. Murder. Resurrection has a high price…

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It brings the dead to life…
…a powerful, ancient stone.
Can the rumors be true, or is it a fool’s quest to find it?
Many have sought it, yet none have returned. Nardus has lost everyone he loves, but will he face certain death to find it? What more could he lose?
Smoke and screams fill the night.
Outside her window the small town burns.
Aria’s warned to stay inside, but she’s strong. Both in will and might. How can she sit back while her father fights for their lives? She must act, but will doing so cost her everything?
Young Alderan runs for his life.
Why are they hunting him?
He no longer feels the bond with his twin sister, Aria. The link severed. Does it mean they got to her first? He fights for his own survival even as his mind dwells on her. If he succeeds, can he face the horror he fears at home?
You’ll love this dragons and mythical creatures fantasy, because everyone loves new worlds, action-packed adventures, and courageous characters.
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