A Dark Heart Chronicles Novella

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Never use persuasion magic on a powerful wizard.

That was Emorith's hardest lesson to learn. Right from that fateful moment, Magus forced her to use her manipulative sorcery to further his evil purposes. She regretted everything he put her through with one exception: their son Illian. Him, she loved with all her heart.

Magus demanded she cast an apocalyptic curse and destroy an unsuspecting city. She steeled herself to refuse him… but then he threatened the life of her beloved child.

With Illian’s life on the line, what choice did she have? She wanted to protect the city and its citizens, but her son would always come first. No, there must be another way. Will she be able to thwart Magus and save them all in time? Or is their fate already sealed?

Scourge is a prequel novella to The Dragon’s Stone, the first book in The Dark Heart Chronicles epic fantasy series. If you like thrilling adventures and terrifying magic, then you’ll love Daniel Kuhnley’s enthralling tale.

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