The Braille Killer

Alice Bergman Book 1

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A supernatural serial killer thriller with a twist beyond this world.
The killer knows my secret.
The private letters he sends me prove it. Letters only I can read. Written in braille.
My name is Detective Alice Bergman, and I’m the youngest homicide detective on the police force. In just a few years, I’ve built a solid reputation on my infallible intuition. It helps me separate truth from lies better than most. It also helps me conceal my dark past. Yet the killer knows…
I call him The Braille Killer. His letters drive me to the edge of sanity. Threaten to take away the sight I’ve grown to rely on. But he’s offered me a way out. A promise to stop killing blind girls if I come clean. But will he? I have no reason to believe him. If I reveal my secret, I’ll never recover. It will cost me everything.
Can I stop him before he murders again? Will I silence him before my secret gets revealed? The stress of the case and the trauma of my past bombard me. I fear the same blindness I endured as a child will take my sight again. If it does, I won’t survive. After all, how can I catch what I can’t see?
The Braille Killer is the first book in the Alice Bergman mystery thriller series. If you like fast-paced, suspenseful stories with unexplained paranormal phenomena, then you’ll love Daniel Kuhnley’s engaging novel.
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Series Number

Book 1


Alice Bergman

Book Author

Daniel Kuhnley


Supernatural Serial Killer


10 hrs 41 min


TJ Spehar

Publication Date

January 2019

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