The Braille Killer (Signed Paperback)


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How can you catch what you can’t see?
Blind at birth, Alice Bergman’s sight has been restored—but her childhood struggles and the assault she endured have never been forgotten. For the last ten years, she’s been secretly receiving letters from her attacker–letters written in Braille.
Now a homicide detective, Alice is assigned a murder case. The victim? A blind girl. The scene is preternaturally clean, far more than can be explained in any rational way. Alice is able to relive the girl’s last moments–but she can’t see the girl’s killer.
That doesn’t matter, though. Alice knows the killer is the same person who attacked her as a teen.
When another girl is murdered, Alice herself becomes a suspect due to grisly evidence at the murder scene. When the stress of the case and the trauma of her past combine to bring on the same blindness she faced as a child, Alice must struggle in the dark to catch the killer and regain her sight before the Braille Killer strikes again–this time, much closer to home.
It’s like The X-Files meets Medium. A dark and gritty beginning to a new and thrilling series, read the first Alice Bergman novel now!
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