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Hello Conquerors!


A Conqueror is one of my loyal readers. You enjoy reading fantasy that’s dark, gory, with heroes and villains that conquer adversity, it’s full of adventure and interesting creatures, and makes you feel connected to each character. You also like romance and you know my stories have plenty of that. What you don’t like are modern day stories that are full of erotica and foul language. You deserve better than that and I know you do too, so you won’t find any of that here. You also want to be the first to know what I’m writing and when you can read it. I like to reward Conquerors with free stuff, sign up so you don’t miss out!

Become a Conqueror and get:
  • A newsletter every few weeks with exclusive content from me like serial fiction stories, sneak peeks at my upcoming novels, and book new cover designs.
  • Access to exclusive content on my website! Here’s some of the awesome stuff that will be available:
    • A dictionary of all the Ancient Centaurian used in the Dark Heart Chronicles.
    • Information about how the Ancient Centaurian language is constructed.
    • Details about my magic system.
    • Templates that show how I keep track of details in my novels – like who has what magical abilities (if you’re a fellow fantasy author or aspiring to be one, you’ll like this), items and clothing they’re carrying, etc.
  • You’ll be the first to know about book launches, events, deals, and discounts.
  • You could win free stuff like a personalized signed book or a live chat with me.
  • You’ll have opportunities to influence my stories by voting on what I write next, helping me choose new characters, cover art, and anything else I think up.
Conquerors, I need your help!

Reviews from readers are critical to the success of indie authors like me. Please leave a review where you purchased the novel or on a book review site like Goodreads and let others know what you enjoyed about the story.

Are you an Artistic Conqueror?

You read the novel, pictured the scene or character perfectly, and captured that image for the world to see? Awesome! I’d love to see it. Please share it with me on social media for a chance to have it featured on my website. Artists featured on my website will get a free signed copy of the book that inspired your artwork.


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