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Never use persuasion magic on a powerful wizard.
That was my hardest lesson to learn. Right from that fateful moment, Magus forced me to use my manipulative sorcery to further his evil purposes. I regret everything he’s put me through with one exception: our son Illian. Him, I love with all my heart.
Magus demanded I cast an apocalyptic curse and destroy an unsuspecting city. I steeled myself to refuse him… but now he threatens the life of my beloved child.
With Illian’s life on the line, what choice do I have? I want to protect the city and its citizens, but my son will always come first. No, there must be another way. Will I be able to thwart Magus and save them all in time? Or is their fate already sealed?
Scourge is a prequel novella to The Dragon’s Stone, the first book in The Dark Heart Chronicles epic fantasy series. If you like thrilling adventures and terrifying magic, then you’ll love Daniel Kuhnley’s enthralling tale.
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Book cover art for Daniel Kuhnley's mystery thriller novella Birth Of A Killer - features the side of a woman's face with red hair. A glass-front building is in the background and and so is the face of a man with a goatee and skull and crossbones tattoo on his neck.

A paranormal serial killer thriller that’ll keep you turning the pages.
Be careful what you dream when murder is on your mind.
My name is Alice, and I’m a sixteen-year-old ghost. No, I’m not actually dead, but I was born blind. The sad thing is the world’s more blind to me than I am to it.
That is, until the day he noticed me. A bully. He ruined my life and turned my dreams into nightmares, so what could I do? The same thing any girl my age would do—I wished he’d die.
Then… he turns up dead. Naturally, I freaked out. Am I to blame? Did my nightmare kill him? Would anyone believe me if I confessed?
It’s absurd. I know it. Nightmares don’t come true… do they?
Birth of a Killer is the suspenseful prequel novella to The Braille Killer. If you like unique sleuths, origin stories, and a hint of the supernatural, you’ll love Daniel Kuhnley’s nail-biting tale.

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