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Dark Lament Cover Art

Dark Lament

Book 1 of the Dark Heart Chronicles

Death took Nardus’s family. Nardus blames himself and lives in despair until a stranger enters his life who claims to hold the secrets of resurrection. But the stranger wants something in return – something no one has ever been able to obtain. Now Nardus must enter a dangerous world conjured by ancient magic and overcome odyssean trials to retrieve it. Can he trust this stranger and conquer his demons to ressurect those he lost?

Akin to Odysseus in Middle Earth – Dark Lament is a heart wrenching dark fantasy tale written like a thrilling TV miniseries that’ll keep you turning the pages!
“Daniel Kuhnley is one of the most talented, wildly creative authors I’ve ever read. Dark Lament is a brilliant fantasy tale that delivers a riveting adventure cast in shadows.”
—BEN WOLF, Award-Winning Author
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