Book cover art for Daniel Kuhnley's mystery thriller novella Birth Of A Killer - features the side of a woman's face with red hair. A glass-front building is in the background and and so is the face of a man with a goatee and skull and crossbones tattoo on his neck.

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Birth Of A Killer

Alice Bergman Book 0

A paranormal serial killer thriller that’ll keep you turning the pages.

Be careful what you dream when murder is on your mind.

My name is Alice, and I’m a sixteen-year-old ghost. No, I’m not actually dead, but I was born blind. The sad thing is the world’s more blind to me than I am to it.

That is, until the day he noticed me. A bully. He ruined my life and turned my dreams into nightmares, so what could I do? The same thing any girl my age would do—I wished he’d die.

Then… he turns up dead. Naturally, I freaked out. Am I to blame? Did my nightmare kill him? Would anyone believe me if I confessed?

It’s absurd. I know it. Nightmares don’t come true… do they?

Birth of a Killer is the suspenseful prequel novella to The Braille Killer. If you like unique sleuths, origin stories, and a hint of the supernatural, you’ll love Daniel Kuhnley’s nail-biting tale.

Buy Birth of a Killer today to see how Alice’s story began!

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Book Author: Daniel Kuhnley
Genre: Supernatural Serial Killer
Series: Alice Bergman
Series Number: Book 0


Audio Length: 4 hrs 46 min
Narrator: TJ Spehar
Publication Date: June 2020
SKU: 978-1-947328-68-6
Case Laminate Hardcover
Dimensions: 6 × 9 × 0.5 in
Pages: 144
Publication Date: July 2023
SKU: 978-1-947328-78-5
Weight: 0.851 lbs
Dust Jacket Hardcover
Dimensions: 6 × 9 × 0.5 in
Pages: 144
Publication Date: January 2019
SKU: 978-1-947328-18-1
Weight: 0.825 lbs
Pages: 144
Publication Date: January 2019
SKU: 978-1-947328-16-7
Dimensions: 6 × 9 × 0.33970 in
Pages: 144
Publication Date: January 2019
SKU: 978-1-947328-15-0
Weight: 0.496 lbs
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