Book 2 of The Dark Heart Chronicles

Resurrect the love of his life.
It’s what keeps Nardus going.
He never expected this. He can’t take his eyes off of his captor. She’s the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen. She could ruin everything he’s fought for. Will he ever see his family again?
Queen Aria.
She likes the sound of it.
Her wedding day can’t come soon enough. But he’s keeping a secret from her. She’s not supposed to know about the prisoner. Who is he and why is he there?
Prophecy names him the savior.
Alderan doesn’t believe it.
His nightmares reveal a war is coming. But he can’t save himself much less the world. After all, what good is a wizard who can’t master their magic? Can he overcome his doubts and become the hero they expect?
You’ll enjoy this dragons and mythical creatures epic fantasy, because everyone likes a fast-paced drama with realistic characters and a mind-blowing ending.
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