Daniel Kuhnley | Reborn
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Book 2 of The Dark Heart Chronicles

“…blood will flow with war, and my father’s kingdom will be reborn.”
Nardus longs for his family. The resurrection stone has become part of him. Captured and a magic collar placed on his neck, he’s unable to seek Gnaud’s help. He must find a way to separate himself from the stone, or he’ll never see his family again.
Alderan lacks confidence. Using his newfound magic seems impossible. Prophecy claims he’ll save the world, but he can’t even escape a dungeon cell. Now, he’s trapped with a beast hellbent on killing him.
Aria will do anything to survive. However, she doesn’t feel worthy of being a queen, and marrying a man she doesn’t know is reckless. Yet a lust for power grows within her.
Pravus swells with pride as his plan nears completion. He’s built alliances and captured his queen, but he still needs the stone. Will Nardus deliver it, or will his father’s kingdom fail to be reborn?
Reborn is the second book in Daniel Kuhnley’s The Dark Heart Chronicles, an epic dark fantasy series akin to Odysseus in Middle Earth. If you like character driven stories full of action-adventure, gore, a sense of dread and horror, and a bit of romance, then you’ll love this series.
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