Daniel Kuhnley | Reborn
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Book 2 of The Dark Heart Chronicles

With Ƨʈōn Dhef Dädh (the Stone of Death) in his possession, Nardus holds the power to resurrect his family. He must get the stone to Pravus, the wizard who sent him after it. However, the stone has become part of Nardus and he must find a way to separate himself from it. Nardus knows that Gnaud, the librarian of the Great Library in Nasduron, will have an answer on how to do it, but will Nardus be able to return to Nasduron or will forces outside of his control shape his destiny?

After months of searching for his sister Aria, Alderan discovers that she’s still alive. Trapped inside a dungeon cell with Rakzar, the beast hellbent on killing him, will he find a way to use his newfound mezhik (an energy source used by wizards to manipulate the world) to escape from the cell, save the world, and reconnect with Aria?

Thrust into a life she knows nothing about, Aria doesn’t feel worthy or capable of becoming a queen, but a lust for power grows within her. Knowing her alternative is an impoverished life, can she overcome her past and marry a man she loves but doesn’t know or trust, or will she throw it all away in a moment of recklessness?

Pravus knows Nardus has returned. At last his father’s kingdom can be reborn. But he must marry Aria and bind their mezhik before using the stone. Will she marry him? Will Nardus give him the stone? Or will his dream of ruling Centauria crumble before his eyes?

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