This website is for author Daniel Kuhnley. You can find information about his novels and writing here.
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Book cover art for Daniel Kuhnley's dark fantasy novella Scourge. Features a woman wearing a purple cloak and holding a twisted staff in a defensive stance. Orange rings and swirls of magic surround her.


A World Of Centauria Novella

To save her son she must destroy a civilization.
Emorith used her persuasion magic on the wrong man, and he’s controlled her ever since. Now, she must find a test subject for his spell, Scourge. She knows Magus, the powerful wizard who rules the southern realm, will use the spell to obliterate anyone without magic. But she can’t live without her son, and Magus will kill him if she fails…
To defeat Magus’s ominous plot, Emorith must betray him and trust a friend with her young son. However, her smooth talking and determination may not be enough to prevent an apocalypse.
Scourge takes place in the World of Centauria 1200 years prior to the events in The Dark Heart Chronicles epic fantasy series. If you like thrilling adventures and heroic characters, then you’ll love Daniel Kuhnley’s dark and creative novella.
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