Book cover art for Daniel Kuhnley's Supernatural Serial Killer novel The Chrono Slasher. Features a woman's face with a twisting clock through it.

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The Chrono Slasher

Alice Bergman Book 3

A vigilante killer lurks in the shadows of Paris.
Nine victims have met their fate and the killer hasn’t left a trace. After working the case for ten months, the French Police still have no leads. And now they’re counting on me.
I’m Detective Alice Bergman, and it’s my job to close this case using my “special” ability. But I’ve already hit a snag. Nothing happened when I touched the body!
Why didn’t it work, and what does it mean?
Now, I must catch this killer the old-fashioned way. Unfortunately, things just keep getting worse. Not only has another body turned up, but my Shadow Priest nemesis has returned. How did he know I’m here and vulnerable right now?
With time running out, can I find a clue or pattern to stop this killer, or will I become the next victim?
The Chrono Slasher is the third book in the Alice Bergman mystery thriller series. If you like fast-paced, suspenseful stories with a supernatural flair, then you’ll love Daniel Kuhnley’s captivating novel.
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Book Author: Daniel Kuhnley
Genre: Supernatural Serial Killer
Series: Alice Bergman
Series Number: Book 3


Audio Length: 8 hrs 34 min
Narrator: TJ Spehar
Publication Date: August 2022
SKU: 978-1-947328-67-9
Case Laminate Hardcover
Dimensions: 6 × 9 × 0.75 in
Pages: 280
Publication Date: July 2023
SKU: 978-1-947328-81-5
Weight: 1.284 lbs
Dust Jacket Hardcover
Dimensions: 6 × 9 × 0.75 in
Pages: 280
Publication Date: June 2022
SKU: 978-1-947328-58-7
Weight: 1.251 lbs
Pages: 280
Publication Date: June 2022
SKU: 978-1-947328-44-0
Dimensions: 6 × 9 × 0.63120 in
Pages: 280
Publication Date: June 2022
SKU: 978-1-947328-59-4
Weight: 0.916 lbs
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