Kiara Kole And The Key Of Truth

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Children who like video games and academy books will love this series about 11-year-old Kiara Kole and her adventures attending a virtual reality game school.
Age Level: 8+
Grade Level: 3+
11-year-old Kiara Kole isn’t good at video games. She’d rather play outside with her pet pig Sparkles. When her family moves to the futuristic, high-tech city of New Eden, she must attend virtual reality game school. Now, her sixth-grade future depends on her gaming skills. Kiara must defeat an adventure game—saving the planet from an asteroid impact—to complete sixth grade. But when she enters a forbidden secret level, she risks expulsion and must trust a new friend to help. Can she overcome her fears and earn the Key of Truth? Or will it be game over before she even starts to play?
You’ll love this virtual reality adventure because you like immersing in wonderous and challenging video game worlds.
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Readability Scores:
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Test: 2.7
Coleman-Liau Index: 4.4
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