The Dragon’s Stone

The Dark Heart Chronicles (1 of 4)

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Magic. Murder. Resurrection has a high price...
In a world where legends collide with reality, Nardus, a soul consumed by grief, finds himself on the precipice of hope. The devastating loss of his family fuels an insatiable desire for redemption, and a glimmer of possibility emerges—an ancient stone said to defy death itself. But is this relic a true marvel or a delusion of desperate minds?
Driven by a tenacious spirit and fueled by a burning determination, Nardus embarks on an extraordinary quest, answering the enigmatic call of a powerful wizard. Countless seekers have ventured into the treacherous unknown, lured by the stone's elusive power, but none have returned. Undeterred by the looming dangers, Nardus stands resolute, ready to confront otherworldly creatures and navigate a labyrinth of magic, all in his desperate quest to reunite with his loved ones.
Yet, Nardus faces a daunting inner conflict—he harbors a deep aversion to magic. Can he overcome his deep-rooted skepticism and place his trust in the inscrutable wizard who chose him? In the mysterious realm of Centauria, where shadows dance with enchantment, the reasons behind Nardus' selection remain an enigma waiting to be unraveled.
As Nardus sets forth on his perilous journey, intertwined fates emerge—those of teenage twins Alderan and Aria. Their unbreakable bond shattered by a merciless assault, Aria, a formidable warrior, finds herself imprisoned in a world of torment. Meanwhile, Alderan embarks on a harrowing path of his own, navigating a kingdom on the brink of chaos. United by their dormant magical abilities, they unwittingly draw the attention of a malevolent entity determined to harness their extraordinary powers for nefarious purposes.
In a tumultuous convergence of destinies, Nardus, Alderan, and Aria must face insurmountable odds and confront an unfathomable darkness threatening to consume their world. As their paths intertwine and the weight of their shattered lives presses upon them, their resilience, sacrifice, and indomitable spirit become their only weapons against the encroaching chaos.
Embark on an enthralling journey alongside Nardus, Alderan, and Aria as they navigate a realm teetering on the edge of chaos. The Dragon’s Stone, the first book in Daniel Kuhnley's electrifying series, The Dark Heart Chronicles, invites you into an immersive epic fantasy world where vibrant landscapes pulse with life, heart-pounding action propels you forward, and the unconquerable spirit of courageous characters captivates your imagination.
If you crave a thrilling tale of resilience, sacrifice, and the unyielding power of the human spirit, this creative masterpiece demands to be experienced.
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Previously released as Dark Lament
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