The Dark Heart Chronicles (4 of 4)

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True Heir

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In a realm ravaged by death and destruction, Nardus and his allies refuse to accept defeat. As the malevolent Aria and her dragon unleash chaos upon the land, the survivors must gather their shattered strength to fight back.
As Aria ascends the throne, her thirst for revenge intensifies, particularly against Nardus and his friends who managed to elude her grasp. Threatening the populace with further devastation, she demands their surrender.
Meanwhile, Nardus and his companions find themselves stranded in the enigmatic library of Nasduron. Determined to find a way back and armed with ancient prophecies, they embark on a quest to decipher the secrets that will enable them to vanquish the formidable dragon that plagues their world.
Amidst the looming war, the ambitious dragon sets his sights on the ultimate prize—the dragon throne, the final symbol of power yet unconquered. Can a greater force rise to challenge him? When hope seems all but lost, a legendary figure, the flamewalker, emerges as a beacon of salvation. Whispers of ancient prophecies surround him. Will this enigmatic figure prove to be the key to saving their world from the clutches of Aria and her merciless dragon?
As the forces of good and evil converge, an epic clash ensues. Dragons soar through the skies, wizards and sorceresses unleash their arcane powers, while armies of orcs and gnolls clash on the blood-soaked ground. Amidst the chaos, the ultimate question remains unanswered: who will emerge victorious in this cataclysmic battle? And who holds the true claim to the throne, the destiny of the realm hanging in the balance?
Prepare to be captivated by this thrilling fantasy adventure, where alliances are tested, secrets unravel, and the destiny of an entire realm is decided. In a world torn apart by power, magic, and ancient prophecies, the true heir shall be revealed, but at what cost?
The Dark Heart Chronicles reaches its riveting conclusion in True Heir, a tale of enduring friendship, perilous quests, and epic dragon wars. Will you dare to enter a realm teetering on the edge of destruction, where heroes and villains blur, and the fate of the realm rests upon the courage of a chosen few?
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The Dark Heart Chronicles

Series Number

(4 of 4)

Book Author

Daniel Kuhnley


Epic Dragon Fantasy



Publication Date

December 2021

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