Daniel Kuhnley | The Poem Archives #1: You’ve Only Lost A Friend
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The Poem Archives #1: You’ve Only Lost A Friend

Today, I’m bringing you the first of many poems I’ve written over the last three decades, many of which I wrote in high school. Fear not if the majority of them are full of despair, for they are only the past.


Love A devilish scheme that embodies my heart

Memories They’re tearing my soul apart

Forgotten All the times we used to share

Never Goodbye my love, I’m no longer there

Destroyed The love we thought would last

Lost You’re just another dark road in my past

I’ve fallen for you so many times, but now I realize As I leave you, there are no tears falling from my eyes

Glistening Like the sun’s rays on the falling rain

Teardrops They fall as you grip your chest in pain

Hatred It overwhelms your aching heart

Realize In time we would’ve had to part

Time Someday I’ll fade away like the day into night

Remember There’ll never be another fight

Going Like a storm on the November wind

Knowing You’ve only lost a friend

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