The Song Lyric Archives #3: Trouble

Pretty much every song I ever write I have the perfect band or singer in mind to sing it. The following song is no exception. One of my all-time favorite singers is David Coverdale of Whitesnake. If you know Whitesnake (how could anyone not!), just imagine them singing and playing the song below. 😉

She was nothing but Trouble
When she walked through that door
Jaws started dropping
Right to the floor
She was a Grade ‘A’ woman
With curves to kill
When she strutted on by
The whole room stood still
She was nothing but Trouble
Yeah, that was her name
When hearts started breaking
She was to blame
She was so good-looking
Easy on the eyes
Every man wanted her
It was no surprise
She was Trouble
With a Capital ‘ T ‘
She was Trouble
Anyone could easily see
Nothing but Trouble
But I didn’t care
A whole lot of Trouble
I was caught in her snare
When she sets her eyes on you
There’s nothing you can do
Like I said, that’s her name
I’m ready to play her game
Baby, I’m ready to win
I’ll do anything to get in…

©2017 Drezhn Publishing LLC – all rights reserved

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