Reborn Cover Concept

I’m finalizing the layout of Reborn, book 2 in The Dark Heart Chronicles. Kirk DouPonce will start work on the cover art at the end of March. I can’t wait to see what he does with the concept I have for him. Here’s a peak at what I sent him:

Gigantic obsidian dragon.
Black, diamond-shaped scales.
Razor-sharp, black claws protrude from splayed, six-digit knuckled toes and fingers on each of his two hands and feet.
Large, arm-like wings (black and leathery) protrude from the tops of his shoulders to the middle of his back, and the webbing of his wings stretches from the middle of his back to his hips.
Four elongated “fingers” stretch the length of each wing, and each finger ends in a claw.
A thumb-like appendage with a sharp claw extends from the “wrist” of each wing as well.
His wings, when fully extended, span nearly seventy feet.
Bony spikes, set a foot apart, run the length of his spine and tail.
From the tip of his snout to the spade of his tail measures more than sixty feet.
Large head, obsidian scales.
Razor sharp teeth line the lips of his elongated snout.
1 bony spike shaped like a beard sprouts from his chin.
Raised ridge of bone split large oval nostrils and runs length of his snout.
Blade-like, bony plates line the sides of his jaw.
A single long horn extends backward from the top of his forehead.
Large, pointed ears extend back along either side of his skull.
Enormous body.
Red eyes.
Fire breather.

Also, I’m in the process of getting an audiobook version of Dark Lament created. So those of you who don’t have time to or don’t like to read won’t have an excuse not to “read” it!

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