Daniel Kuhnley | Reborn Available Now
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Reborn Available Now

Reborn, Book #2 in The Dark Heart Chronicles series, is available now. Get it on Kindle, paperback, and hardback. If you would like a signed hardback those are available on my website store. Cover art for Daniel Kuhnley's novel Reborn - https://danielkuhnley.com

Dark Lament, Book #1 in The Dark Heart Chronicles series, is FREE for 4 days only on Kindle. Cover art for Daniel Kuhnley's novel Dark Lament - https://danielkuhnley.com

Start The Dark Heart Chronicles series with this convenient collection. This Kindle eBook contains Dark Lament and Reborn, books 1-2. It’s on sale for 5 days only. Cover art for Daniel Kuhnley's The Dark Heart Chronicles Collection eBook - https://danielkuhnley.com

Please visit https://danielkuhnley.com/novels/ for details on where to buy all editions of Dark Lament and Reborn. From there you’ll be able to preview the books by reading the first several pages.