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Sneak Peek

Want a sneak peek at my next novel, The Braille Killer? My newsletter subscribers get exclusive access to what I’m writing. The Braille Killer is a crime suspense novel with a bit of urban fantasy. I’m hoping to release it early 2019. The sneak peek is the first chapter of the novel. It’s the raw, unedited version.

There’s a fantasy aspect in the story because I’ve connected it to the World of Centauria, which is where The Dark Heart Chronicles series takes place. The first book in that series is Dark Lament. You can read sample chapters of it on my website.

Once you’ve read the sneak peek, I’d love to know what you think of it. Share your comments with me on Facebook or Twitter.

Writing Update

NaNoWriMo is the National Novel Writing Month (which is officially the month of November). The basic goal of it is to get authors and writers focused on their writing by utilizing a “competition” to write at least 50,000 words during the month. For the competition I will be working on my Rended Souls novel (Book #3 in The Dark Heart Chronicles series). I hope to complete at least 80,000 words or roughly 1/2 of it. I’ll be sharing my writing progress regularly, so follow along on Facebook and Twitter.


In November, I’ll be giving away one of my novels to a lucky winner. Don’t miss when the giveaway starts – subscribe to my updates or follow me on social media. Learn more here.

Enjoy the sneak peek!

Daniel Kuhnley

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